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House Wash

A routine house wash is important to ensure that your home is rid of debris and dirt that, if left untreated, can damage the paint work and underlying structure. It is important to safeguard you and your family by getting an annual house wash to ensure that grime, moss, mold and any other contaminants are kept at bay.

We use eco-friendly chemicals to help get rid of these contaminants whilst ensuring minimal harm to your home, plants and most importantly your family. We usually apply a very low pressure wash to ensure that we are protecting the structure and paint of your home.

Whether it's a one off service or annual routine clean, we can help. Book online now or contact us for a free tailored quote.

Add Ons Available:

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Window Cleaning

A thorough streak free clean of the exteriors of windows. Interior of windows is not included in this add on.


Outdoor Furniture

A waterwash of outdoor furniture (tables, chairs). Please remove cushions and fabric items prior to service.


Rubbish Bin Wash

Wash of recycle, waste and green bins inside + outside. Charge is per bin.

garage (1).png


Sweeping + dusting of garage interior. Water blasting of garage exterior.

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Includes moving items such as pot plants, outdoor furniture etc. to ensure proper access to the areas to be cleaned.


Green Waste

Removal of grass clippings, leaves and other green waste. This service is for green waste only.

Our Top 4 Reasons To Get a House Wash

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What to Expect

On Arrival:

Our team will inspect the areas to be washed for any areas of concern or health & safety risks. If you have any additional areas you want cleaned, ask our friendly team member & they will price you on site.

During the Job:

We will apply eco-friendly chemicals (either citrus based or salt based) to the exterior of your house. We will then wash this off with low pressure so as not to damage the paint work.

On Completion:

An invoice along with before & after images will be emailed to you. Your electronic method for payment will be charged upon completion.

Length of Job:

For a standard house wash, it will usually take between 3-4 hours to complete. If there are other areas to be cleaned e.g. decks or fences, then this will take much longer.


To ensure a seamless service, please ensure that any items such as pot plants, outdoor furniture etc are not blocking access to the areas to be cleaned. If there are items that need to be moved, a separate cost applies.

A Note to the Homeowner:

  • Ensure all windows closed, clothes removed from clothes line

  • Move items you do not want to get wet indoors

  • Place towels on window sills of known leaky windows as water can sometimes get in

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