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Driveway & Path Wash

Washing your driveway and paths is a great way to ensure your high traffic areas are well maintained and always looking great. Since these are high traffic areas and are often left exposed to exterior conditions, they are prone to stains and growth of a number of contaminants. In particular, the growth of moss, mildew & mold can often make these areas slippery which can be a hazard to your family.

Let our professionals get your driveways and paths sparkling clean today. With high grade equipment and eco-friendly chemicals, you can trust us to leave you with driveways and paths that enhance the aesthetic of your home.

Add Ons Available:

garage (1).png


Sweeping + dusting of garage interior. Water blasting of garage exterior.


Rubbish Bin Wash

Wash of recycle, waste and green bins inside + outside. Charge is per bin.

moving (1).png


Includes moving items such as pot plants, outdoor furniture etc. to ensure proper access to the areas to be cleaned.

Our top 4 reasons to have your driveways & paths washed

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What to Expect

On Arrival:

Our team will inspect the areas to be washed for any areas of concern or health & safety risks. If you have any additional areas you want cleaned, ask our friendly team member & they will price you on site.

During the Job:

We apply a chemical solution to your driveways & paths and allow this to sit for a few minutes to work its way into the surface. We evenly clean the surface & then rinse.

On Completion:

An invoice along with before & after images will be emailed to you. Your electronic method for payment will be charged upon completion.

Length of Job:

This depends on the size and condition of the area to be cleaned, but generally it takes between 2-4 hours. If you require sealing, then this will take a few days as we need to allow the surface to dry completely before applying sealant.


The safety of you and our team are paramount to us. We kindly ask that areas around our equipment are vacant e.g. around ladders. We also ask that you keep an eye on children who may be tempted to play around the area just to ensure everyone is safe.

A Note to the Homeowner:

  • Move any items out of the way that may obstruct access to the areas to be washed e.g. pot plants

  • Move items you do not want to get wet indoors or out of the way

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